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A Workbook on Coping with the Mental Effect of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC at family level


Coping with the Effects of COVID-19 on the Family Mental Health: A Workbook for families
Healthcare Consulting
Family Mental Health


  • How will we survive?
  • What should we do to keep safe during these times?
  • What if we get the virus?
  • Feeling discomfort is alright
  • During Covid-19, families deal with stress and anxiety

Differentiating Stress and Anxiety

Differentiating Stress and Anxiety

Aspects of Anxiety

  • Threat scanning: a situation whereby a person’s mind scans for what they fear in the nearby surrounding, even when the issue is harmless.
  • Catastrophising: jumping of mind to worst case scenarios such as making an ocean out of a small pool of water.
  • Hypothetical worry: It’s vital to take note of that stress is totally ordinary. It just becomes pointless when you centre unnecessarily around theoretical concerns rather than viable concerns. Theoretical concerns incorporate ‘imagine a scenario where’ considerations and are commonly about things you don’t have a lot of command over. Reasonable concerns concern things you truly do have command over, and they can assist you with being more proactive. On the off chance that you’re entirely awkward with vulnerability, you’re probable inclined to speculative concern and invest a ton of energy zeroed in on the future rather than the present.
  • Emotional reasoning: thinking that your emotions are showing you the reality while in the real sense, it is not. Emotions are sometimes unreliable.
  • Fortune telling: Interpretation of predictions as facts

Managing Anxiety with Family Members

  • Support and be attentive to family members
  • Keep healthy by practicing healthy habits
  • Keep regular routine where possible
  • Manage your information sources and provide information in a reassuring way
  • Teach coping skills to the children
  • Ensure your family is connected and always do the right thing
Managing Anxiety with Family Members

Coping with Stress continued

Coping with Stress continued

Stress in Children

Stress in Children


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