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How Introverts Can Be Strong Leaders at Work

How Introverts Can Be Strong Leaders at Work

Strong leadership skills are indispensable if you want to succeed in today’s work environment. You’ll need to be seen as an able leader – someone who can motivate their people and direct them to achieve organizational goals – to be offered important projects or promotions. This can be a challenge for introverts, who prefer solitude over working with groups of people. Delmarva Community Consultant Services LLC offers suggestions on how to become a solid leader when you’re one such introvert:

Your introverted traits can be very powerful

You have many qualities as an introvert that can make you a powerful leader. Some examples are your ability to listen, your deep thinking, your willingness to let other people shine, and your ability to empathize. When you listen to people and empathize with them, they feel heard and their contributions valued. Your deep thinking makes you detail-oriented and organized. Your ability to let other people shine can encourage them to perform.

Have more one-on-one meetings

You can use your preference for one-on-one meetings to your advantage. One-on-one meetings can help you bond with your teammates, get to know them better, and offer them feedback without making their shortcomings public. Status Hero offers suggestions on how to have better one-on-one meetings – be fully present, open conversations, take notes, and take action based on the feedback offered to you during such meetings. 

Work on your leadership skills

Leadership skills need to be acquired and honed over time, regardless of whether you’re an introvert or extrovert. Some examples of skills worth building up are clear communication, decision-making, integrity, problem-solving, creativity, passion, positivity, and resilience. Furthermore, it might also be a good idea to identify your unique leadership style and work on it. 

Manage projects effectively by appointing the right people

Organizing and delegating are must-have “hard” leadership skills. To be a strong leader, you should be able to allocate your resources – whether it’s your money or your people – optimally. To improve the likelihood of success when managing projects, determine what problem the project should address, what a successful outcome looks like, and who is the best employee to handle the project.   

Go back to school

Now may be the perfect time to go back to school for a business degree to sharpen your business and leadership skills. Whether you earn a degree in accounting, business, communications, or management, you can learn skills that can help you be prepared for managerial positions. Plus, online degree programs make it easy to run your business while going to school at the same time.

Don’t stay in your comfort zone

Growth always lies outside of your comfort zone. If you’d like to grow to be a strong leader, you’ll have to frequently push yourself past it. If you struggle to speak before groups, you can practice public speaking. If you have difficulty thinking on your feet – a trait common to introverts – you can prepare points in advance. You don’t have to like crowds, but, as Better Help explains, you can learn to tolerate them.

Lead by example

The most effective leaders are the ones who lead by example – the ones who embody “do as I do” as opposed to “do as I say”. Followers look to their leaders for what to do and how to act in any given situation (consciously and sometimes subconsciously). According to a Chron piece, leading by example involves setting a good example, handling problems constructively, prioritizing the team, and acting as a leader should.

Get help from an experienced coach

Working with a coach can help you build up your leadership skills, identify blind spots, and give you confidence that you’re doing things right. You can also get help with troubleshooting specific leadership-related problems.


Being an introvert makes you naturally empathic, idealistic, and creative. It can make you an approachable, charismatic leader who draws people toward themselves and fosters loyalty. Your introverted nature is your biggest strength – drawing on that power will automatically make you a strong leader. Remember to work on your leadership skills, consider going back to school, and get out of your comfort zone.

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